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Item : Angel Programming Zapper
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By Tara Sutphen

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 The powerful “Zapper” mind technology combined with audible suggestions. Use the CD three different ways: 1) Be mentally programmed in your home or office while sitting down and doing other things such as working at a computer or reading. 2) Use it as closed-eye meditative programming. 3) Use it as sleep programming. Simply listen as you go to sleep.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

You are open to follow the stirrings of your heart. You experience the bliss of divine perfection in your day-to-day life. You perceive the world around you as a bastion of hope and light. You merge your spirit with the angels. You experience unconditional angelic love, which you pass on to others. On a daily basis, you plant seeds of light, love and hope. You project peace and goodwill to the world. You set priorities in keeping with angelic awareness. You embrace life with a joyful heart and a hope-filled mind. From this moment on you are a channel for the light. You rise above all negative earthly concerns. You respond to all situations as your angels would respond with love and compassion and a tranquil mind. You seek to be like the angels, the essence of serenity. And every day in every way you allow your angelic-self to emerge.

RBTZ301 -- $10.99 (MP3)