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3 Meditations To Enhance Your Love Life


Tara creates suggestions for you to attract true and long lasting love. She encourages stimulus of all four levels of spirit, intellect, emotions and physical connection, engaging your subconscious and conscious mind through Brain-Mind Technologies. Sometimes we block our capacity to share, missing opportunities. Time ticks away and precious moments are waiting to allow happiness to be yours.


From this moment on you explore the emotional core of passion. You desire to experience love without limits -- passionate love. You manifest stimulating erotic adventures. You live a life of sensual freedom. You draw exciting people to you -- people you can relate to mentally, physically and spiritually. You embrace new opportunities for erotic expression. You have the power and ability to manifest your fantasies. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You embrace joy. You’re responsible to your commitments, while embracing joy and freedom. You follow the call of the wild. You embrace sensuous possibilities. Your passions are a source of your aliveness. You expand your life force. You welcome loving opportunities, while always considering the consequences of your actions. You know what you want and you draw it to you. You experience the fire.


Love Activation promotes enchantment and reframes your mind to release forlorn thoughts and to embrace admiration and optimum devotion. It's time to imprint "romance" on your soul. In this series, Tara uses Lifeforce Activation to enhance your passion and ardor. Be in constant improvement. Create solid emotion and intimacy, start to move in the right direction to gain clarity, balance and attainment of true and real love. Regenerate and rejuvenate your love nature to the deepest core of your being. You are taking steps toward emotion and attachment.

(Offer good until February 15, 2013)

MSV001 -- $16.99 (MP3)