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Item : The Shamans Cave
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By Tara Sutphen

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Your Deepest Self is a journey in which a Shaman guides you to a cave, where you experience a swirling energy and begin to perceive images. The Shaman then directs you to align your body and mind and explore many aspects of your life. You will explore the workings of your heart and any changes you need to be making. Align with a loving rhythm in perfect harmony. Much more, including contact with your guardian animal. Gateway to the Soul is also an exploration of the Shamans cave. He invokes protection and sits before you, touching your third eye and directing you to breathe through your forehead. You have the power of the seer, and will see where you have been and where you are going, he says, before performing rituals to open your intuitive centers. You will then walk through a gateway to your soul information. On the other Track of an energy gate is an ancient book with your name on it. 30 Minutes.

TS219 -- $10.99 (MP3)