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Item : Temple of Prophecy
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Meditation By Tara Sutphen

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Excerpt: “Between each of the massive columns of the Temple of Prophecy is a separate golden door -- each door is carved with heavenly symbols and in the center is a word. The first door says, “Relationships.” The second door says, “Career.” The third door says, “Health.” Each door offers a glimpse of your future as the future will unfold unless actions are taken to alter destiny.”

You choose one door, open it and enter the room where you will sit before a large quartz crystal and put on a special headset to enhance psychic awareness. Once your chakras are balanced and your aura expanded, you will be directed to begin perceiving psychic impressions of your future. Later, you will receive a special psychic message in regard to the life area you’re exploring. Trust your impressions and you will see the future. 30 Minutes.

TS212 -- $10.99 (MP3)