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Item : Manifestation of a Great Partner
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Meditation by Tara Sutphen

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We are here to create Love in our lives and these programs are to assist you in reaching your full love potential. You deserve a wonderful romantic life. Sit and listen with not only your ears but your heart. You are to Love and be Loved.

Tara creates suggestions for you to attract true and long lasting love. Sometimes we block our capacity to share, missing opportunities. Time ticks away and precious moments are waiting to allow happiness to be yours.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

* Your emotional levels activate, you can share your ideas, hopes and dreams. You analyze well and constructively. * You are sensitive to others needs as well as your own. * Intellectually you are compatible with your beloved. * Your physical levels activate. * You recognize who you come together to create amazing love. * You choose ‘the one’- your true love and real love. * You will move in flow and harmony, accessing the highest feelings and sensations of love and the connection with your beloved.

LV803M -- $10.99 (MP3)