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Item : Love Sleep Programming for a Wife
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Sleep Programming by Tara Sutphen

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Create Love in your Life at night with Sleep Programming. Awaken refreshed, looking forward to another day of moments waiting to be filled with harmonic accord and to a deep state of love responsiveness. Be at one with your spiritual essence, no more self doubts. You are the loving soul and sight that you re meant to be at this time.

Tara creates suggestions for you to attract true and long lasting love. Sometimes we block our capacity to share, missing opportunities. Time ticks away and precious moments are waiting to allow happiness to be yours.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

* You know what your needs are in Love * Your love essence is enhanced * You open to your life and thus to love * When you see into the eyes of others, you are seeing into their soul – you will recognize your soulmate * Your beloved will fulfill you on every level of your body, emotions, intellect and soul connection * Hearts open and connect – feel your heart connection with your beloved – draw them to you ... energetically and physically.

LV802S -- $10.99 (MP3)