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Item : Weight Loss OM Meditation
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Meditation by Jason D McKean

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Weight Loss encourages you to open your mind to having a great figure. OM is the sound of life and you are to live in supportive reverberation. All what you wish for will be, you create means to develop sanctuary and good fortune. Attainment of effortless and easy body maintenance is part of the human experience. Release any thoughts of difficulty or being powerless, every step has been progress and you are to go toward improving your body.

In this OM Series, Jason naturally connects us with Om Magnification, self assurance and confidence flow when we feel we are in earth’s proper energy. Engaging our greater self for the benefit of our self and those we love is a soul calling.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

Boost your self-belief and be surprised by your effective mind * You deserve to be strong and vital * You take steps toward nutrition and reshaping your body * Eating only foods that create a desirable you * Effortless vitality * You no longer overeat to relieve stress, issues of love or to replace boredom * You are light and beauty * Your desired look will easily become * Each step taken is that much closer to your dreams.

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