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Item : Higher-Self Transition
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By Tara Sutphen

SLEEP PROGRAMMING -- Powerful suggestions phrased for maximum subconscious acceptance as you go to sleep. You'll hear paced suggestions, phrased for maximum acceptance by all levels of mind. These positive affirmations direct you to find the answers you are seeking and to release the past and create your own reality. Suggestion Example 1: "You are a highly evolved and loving soul, and you have only to rise above your programming to be all you can be. You accept this. You know in your heart that it's true. Your experiences, upbringing and society have programmed you. You understand this, and let go of the past. You can. You do. All it takes is awareness ... Higher-Self Awareness." Suggestion Example 2: "Within your Higher Self is the Collective Unconscious -- your connection with every other person on the planet -- an awareness of the totality, which you can access to attain the answers you seek. The right questions will result in answers you will remember upon awakening." And many more suggestions.

2103 -- $10.99 (MP3)