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Item : Dream of Past Lives
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By Tara Sutphen

SLEEP PROGRAMMING -- Powerful suggestions phrased for maximum subconscious acceptance as you go to sleep. The awareness can help you to understand what influences, motivates and restricts you in the present. Tara's words fade away at the end of the program, directing you to sleep soundly and to awaken refreshed, at peace with yourself, and inspired to begin a new day. Script Example: "You have lived many lives, and the complete memories of these incarnations are retained in your subconscious mind. The memories can be released as dreams if you ask that this be so. And you do ask. You desire to re-experience your past lives in dream. And you can. You will. Tonight. You will experience vivid memories of situations from your past lives. You will dream about what happened. You will dream about who you were. You will dream about your past-life ties with the people in your present life. You accept this. You know it is possible. It will happen, and you will remember your dreams." And many more suggestions.

2102 -- $10.99 (MP3)