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Item : Passionate Love Zapper
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By Tara Sutphen

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 The powerful “Zapper” mind technology combined with audible suggestions. Use the CD three different ways: 1) Be mentally programmed in your home or office while sitting down and doing other things such as working at a computer or reading. 2) Use it as closed-eye meditative programming. 3) Use it as sleep programming. Simply listen as you go to sleep.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

From this moment on you explore the emotional core of passion. You desire to experience love without limits -- passionate love. You manifest stimulating erotic adventures. You live a life of sensual freedom. You draw exciting people to you -- people you can relate to mentally, physically and spiritually. You embrace new opportunities for erotic expression. You have the power and ability to manifest your fantasies. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You embrace joy. You’re responsible to your commitments, while embracing joy and freedom. You follow the call of the wild. You embrace sensuous possibilities. Your passions are a source of your aliveness. You expand your life force. You welcome loving opportunities, while always considering the consequences of your actions. You know what you want and you draw it to you. You experience the fire.

RBTZ304 -- $14.99 (MP3)