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Tara SutphenTara Sutphen is the Author of Blame It On Your Past Lives, Abenda Chronicles, Abenda Writings and Soul Agreements, Mp3 Line: Metaphysical Meditations, Life-Force Activation compilations, Sorcery Albums, Romantic Love Series and Sleep programming. Her Meditations have been nominated for Grammys. Tara is a Master in the Psychic Sciences: Automatic Writing, Sorcing, Psychic-Channeling, Palmistry, Hypnotism, Psychometry, Handwriting Analysis, Esoteric Astrology (eastern & western), Shamanism, and Dream Interpretations..

Tara has her own radio show on Contact Talk Radio called "Transformation with Tara". The Radio show runs live on Friday mornings 9am pacific/noon eastern and can be heard on IHeart Radio and Spotify.

Besides Tara's books, and channeling sessions, her automatic writing was published in Earthly Purpose (Pocket Books) and With Your Spirit Guide's Help (Valley of the Sun, 1998). Her "Cause & Effect" column was a regular feature in magazines. Using automatic writing, Tara communicates with her spirit guide Abenda, who sets up ethereal connections for readers asking questions -- connections that have been verified by the questioners time and time again.

Tara is in private practice and conducts seminars, bookcamps and workshops. She instructs a Psychic Class every week. Tara has been Guru Dev's Personal Psychic Reader in his Entourage. Guru Dev is a Modern Saint in the Sikh Tradition. She makes appearances at festivals and TV such as Millionaire Matchmaker, the Hollywood Medium, Home Cleaners, Mind Body Spirit (England & Australia), Holistic Health & Healing (Ireland) Whole Life Expo (USA), and for organizations such as The Healing Heart (New Zealand) The Learning Annex (USA), Conscious Children's Network (USA).

Other websites to see Tara:
Facebook: Tara Sutphen
Twitter | Instagram: Tara_Insight

Tara lives in Los Angeles, California with her two horses & dog.

Photo: Yamini Redewill

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